DOLLA-VIAL’s activities are balanced between its original dominant division, real estate and three other sectors of equivalent importance: social law, business and corporate law, and recovery.

Criminal and insurance law, which the Cabinet has mastered at the best level for more than thirty years, are intertwined in these dominant activities.

DOLLA-VIAL operates mainly on behalf of national and international companies, alongside the most dynamic SMEs, particularly in the following sectors:

  • Food processing
  • Insurance/legal protection/credit insurance
  • Bank
  • Building and public works
  • Distribution
  • Energy (Oil and Gas Companies, Electricity Distributor)
  • Property management and development
  • Real estate
  • Rental of industrial vehicles
  • Sport (amateur and professional clubs)
  • Telecom (national network operators)
  • Air transport

The philosophy of DOLLA-VIAL is to be part of the internal logic and external strategy of the company’s management, bringing its customers its operational and pragmatic approach:

  • Offering the best legal certainty means maximizing the potential for development.
  • Implementing our legal creativity means enabling you to carry out difficult or complex projects.
  • Mastering national, European and international legal innovations means making dynamic choices possible, in keeping with economic, financial and fiscal developments.

The firm thus intervenes alongside companies:

  • din all missions of assistance, advice and representation before the courts, in commercial and competition law,
  • transactions related to their financial strategy (acquisition, restructuring or mergers and related transactions, including the purchase or sale of commercial funds, contribution or disposal of assets, etc.). In addition, the Firm participates in the creation of companies (shareholder pacts, statutes, etc.), offers legal engineering schemes, and provides legal monitoring and legal secretariat for companies created or transformed.
  • in setting up and monitoring all the contracts that punctuate the life of the company. The firm has developed an important contractual practice with large French groups in various sectors of activity.
  • for all assistance and advisory missions related to the prevention and treatment of the difficulties of companies, whether as counsel to the debtor, creditors or potential takers. Its activities range from the development of takeover offers or continuation plans to the industrial and financial takeover and restructuring of companies in difficulty.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of insurance law, DOLLA-VIAL now works for the largest group of insurance companies in France.

DOLLA-VIAL therefore has a privileged expertise and know-how that is particularly sought after by both insurance industry and companies.

In addition to its reliability in a long-standing controlled field, DOLLA-VIAL is in the ability to handle the heaviest and most diverse files.

DOLLA-VIAL is thus involved in the management of all types of disasters: bodily, fire, industrial risks…

It is treated , as it should – as a team by the firm, at the service of sportsmen and federations.

It is in contact with the world of top athletes, federations but also with the world of sports media.

The firm aims to provide a full range of services to all players in the sports world.

It protects their image and rights throughout the stages of their careers, which it manages, whether it is their wealth, their taxation, transfers, the second career etc.

This multi-service offering ensures consistency in the multiple choices of ever-changing life paths.

The Department of Social Law intervenes in both advisory and litigation activities (Council of The Prud’men, Court of High Instance, Court of Instance, Court of Social Security Affairs, criminal courts).

The department covers all social law with particular experience in the following areas:

Employment contract, dismissal, collective negotiations, representative staff institutions, corporate restructuring, employment safeguard plans, working hours, social protection law, participation, interest, stock options, USSRAF and CPAM litigation, secondment and expatriation of employees…

Criminal labour law is also an acquired know-how made available to the Directorates General and Human Resources Directorates, which use the Cabinet for sensitive matters.

In addition to these activities, the social law department works closely with the other departments of the Cabinet, in particular, in the acquisition and restructuring of companies as well as in the establishment of foreign companies in France.

DOLLA-VIAL has consistently regarded this area of intervention not as a minor ancillary activity but as a real specific know-how that, combined with a high-performance IT tool, allows its customers to provide a service with high added value: to recover as efficiently as possible and at the lowest cost the sums earned due to them.

The specific department created within it follows in particular the recovery of contributions, condominium and rent charges, unpaid commercial bills, on behalf of French and foreign institutions.

More than three thousand collection files are opened annually, making DOLLA-VIAL one of the most active law firms in this area.

To this end, and to combine speed, security and profitability, DOLLA-VIAL has constituted a bible of specific and very comprehensive acts relating both to purely judicial acts (assignments to all types of courts, conclusions, requests), as well as to letters intended for the usual interlocutors of this type of file (letters of placement of subpoenas, sending of conclusions, sending of pleading files, orders of K Bis , letters of sending subpoenas, judgments, orders for provisional seizure, letters of receipt of files, letters of sending of subpoenas and conclusions, letters of information of hearings, sending judgments, requests for documents and observations, invoices for fees, etc.).

Implementing this specific know-how, DOLLA-VIAL has developed a processing software specific to this department, and created an intranet system with one of its customers, optimizing the speed and security of the information transmitted, and promoting the reduction of costs through the gradual dematerialization of the collection files entrusted.

One of the characteristics of DOLLA-VIAL is that each partner, in each field, has focused on developing equal control over advice and litigation.

DOLLA-VIAL believes that:

  • There is no good advice without mastery of litigation risk: this mastery requires procedural competence and a desire to fight… And only the lawyer who knows how to fight is taken seriously in a transactional phase.
  • But, there is no profitable litigation for the client without the parallel and constant search for a well-negotiated solution.

This is why, beyond its negotiating practice, the firm has developed a competence in mediation.

But DOLLA-VIAL also knows that winning a case for a client is not necessarily enough, you have to be able to execute the court decision obtained… This is why monitoring and executing decisions is an important service that DOLLA-VIAL provides to its customers.

DOLLA-VIAL is also one of the first firms in the area of foreclosure.

DOLLA-VIAL has specialized in real estate law since its inception. He has developed an efficiency that is based on the combination of his proven procedural competence and his knowledge of the field in all areas of real estate law.

DOLLA-VIAL is involved in real estate development, property management and urban planning, as well as related litigation.

Its areas of privileged intervention are:

  • Construction: construction contracts, contractor assistance, project management delegation, project management, real estate development…
  • Management: commercial leases (negotiation, conclusion, rent fixing in renewal, eviction), professional and residential leases, various occupancy agreements.
  • The law of co-ownership and foreclosures, materials exercised by DOLLA-VIAL for more than thirty years…

In a society where criminal liability of individuals and corporations is increasingly sought after, a firm serving companies and individuals alike must advise and defend them in criminal matters.

Our firm is therefore anxious to be as close as possible to its clients at every stage of the criminal proceedings. This local assistance allows a fair appreciation of the penalties incurred, responsibilities, prejudices and reparations.

The dual experience of defending both civil and defendants gives us complete competence and is particularly beneficial to our clients.

Dolla-Vial has developed expertise in areas of public interest, bringing its work force and in particular in the area of:

• Negotiating and drafting public procurement,

• Public procurement litigation,

• PPP, public services delegation,

• Advice to local authorities,

• Management of SEM and OPH business litigation.