The Firm

DOLLA-VIAL is first and foremost a team formed around four true partners, united by friendship and linked by the complementarity of their skills but also their temperaments.

Four partners who follow each of their clients very personally, while being able to make them fully benefit from the expertise of each of the other members of the Firm.

For each client and for each file, DOLLA-VIAL can offer specialized skills, but also all related skills to optimize an effective strategy in multidisciplinary teamwork. DOllA-VIAL can handle the most complex cases.

In many firms, the word “synergie” is more invoked than put into practice.

Within DOLLA-VIAL, this synergy is a daily and active reality, as well as the availability and responsiveness of its teams, with a focus on trust and human relationship.

For this reason, the firm’s clients include large corporations, large public or non-profit organizations.

Under the leadership of its founder, Renée DOLLA-VIAL, the firm has gained a solid reputation in the world of real estate and insurance since 1982.

In 1995, three and then four young partners joined DOLLA-VIAL and expanded the scope of the firm’s intervention, maintaining a strong competence in its historical activity.

Their ambition: to be the direct, reactive and available partners of business leaders by constantly providing them with the widest range of services they need in both consulting and litigation.

The legal or judicial reality is not divided into slices: this is why the firm’s lawyers develop and update their specialties but also the art of combining them.

More than a service provider, DOLLA-VIAL wants first and foremost to be a true partner of the company, accompanying it in its evolutions with all its legal know-how. Indeed, each file has a dominant but it also has a context, human dimensions and long-term, social, fiscal impacts…

The firm’s clients know that DOLLA-VIAL favours working with them directly based on a relationship of loyalty and mutual trust.

With this in mind, DOLLA-VIAL has always been concerned with mastering its development, gradually evolving into a team that is currently composed of nineteen lawyers and three lawyers.

Since its inception, DOLLA-VIAL has been a member of one of the largest groups of French insurance companies. More recently, he has become the preferred interlocutor of the world’s leading credit insurance and collection companies.

The firm is now part of one of the largest networks of lawyers but also of confessors and bailiffs of France, which allows it to make the best correspondents available to its clients all over France.

The firm also assists its clients internationally directly and through its privileged correspondents in the countries of the European Union.

The firm has developed a special relationship with the Spanish economic world.

A director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in France (COCEF) for 15 years, one of the partners has been its President since 2005.

A firm that meets market expectations…

… because he has learned from two observations that companies often make:

  • The inadequacy of small craft firms to meet market expectations, due in particular to the complex needs of today’s businesses.
  • The lack of follow-up, responsiveness, interlocutors responsible for large firms in the place to deal with the daily life of these same companies.

An ambitious firm… and friendly

which focuses on four areas of work:

  • Adapt to the needs of modern companies by issuing advice that is always pragmatic and operational, by opening up to new ways of resolving disputes to control the hazard of any litigation procedure.
  • Integrating current events into a world with constant economic and legal developments.
  • Network with other firms nationally and internationally.
  • Take into account the European and international context.

DOLLA-VIAL is a structure that combines cross-cutting and in-depth skills whose objective is to ensure personalized follow-up of files with a requirement of availability and speed.

DOLLA-VIAL thus provides the service that everyone is entitled to expect from lawyers who are aware of their obligations and the needs of their clients.