DOLLA-VIAL’s activities are distributed in a balanced manner between its original dominant pole, real estate and three other sectors of equal importance: employment law, business and company law, and recovery. Criminal law and insurance law, which the Firm has mastered at the highest level for over thirty years, come together in these dominant activities. DOLLA-VIAL works mainly on behalf of national and international companies, alongside the most dynamic SMEs, operating in particular in the following sectors:

Litigation / Transation / Enforcement

One of the characteristics of DOLLA-VIAL is that each partner, in each field, has focused on developing equal control over advice and litigation… >>>

Business law and corporate law

The philosophy of DOLLA-VIAL is to be part of the internal logic and external strategy of the company’s management, bringing its customers its operational and pragmatic approach… >>>

Insurance law

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of insurance law, DOLLA-VIAL now works for the largest group of insurance companies in France. >>>

Sports Law

It is treated , as it should – as a team by the firm, at the service of sportsmen and federations. >>>

Commercial and mass collection

DOLLA-VIAL has consistently regarded this area of intervention not as a minor ancillary activity but as a real specific know-how that, combined with a high-performance IT tool, allows its customers to provide a service with high added value: to recover as efficiently as possible and at the lowest cost the sums earned due to them. >>>

Real Estate Law

DOLLA-VIAL has specialized in real estate law since its inception. He has developed an efficiency that is based on the combination of his proven procedural competence and his knowledge of the field in all areas of real estate law. >>>

Corporate Criminal Law

In a society where criminal liability of individuals and corporations is increasingly sought after, a firm serving companies and individuals alike must advise and defend them in criminal matters. >>>

Public Business Law and Public Procurement

Dolla-Vial has developed expertise in areas of public interest, bringing its work force and in particular in the area of… >>>

Social Law

The Department of Social Law intervenes in both advisory and litigation activities (Council of The Prud’men, Court of High Instance, Court of Instance, Court of Social Security Affairs, criminal courts). >>>

The partners


Partner Lawyer

Antonio Alonso


Partner Lawyer

Philippe Bensussan


Partner Lawyer

Hervé Camadro


Partner Lawyer

Gilles Godignon-Santoni

Partner in charge of the firm’s labor law department, he supports the development of companies (creation – development – acquisitions – restructuring).

He brings his litigation experience and expertise to all individual and collective aspects of social matters.

He is also involved in numerous criminal labor law and business criminal law cases.

Like his three other partners, he enjoys working in a direct and personal relationship with managers, and being in touch with the realities on the ground: whether in advice but also in negotiation, mediation, conflicts and crises and in particular collective conflicts, restructuring. and PSE.

Bilingual in Spanish, member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in France (COCEF) since 1992, he was its President from March 2005 to March 2013.


  • Born June 27, 1965
  • Date sworn in: January 24, 1992

In the tradition of the founder of Cabinet Dolla-Vial, he puts his expertise and working capacity at the service of his clients, both in litigation matters and by their side in the context of negotiations or drafting of contracts.

He has recognized expertise, particularly in commercial leases, real estate and construction law, as well as contract law, areas in which he works with leading companies.

He also regularly intervenes in co-ownership law and works in permanent liaison with condominium trustees, court administrators, property managers, developers, and experts from the National Chamber of Co-ownership Experts, of which he is a member.

His clients appreciate its extreme responsiveness and its ability to face difficult problematic situations.


  • Born October 10, 1967
  • Date sworn in: January 24, 1992

In conjunction with his partners, he advises on business law, commercial contract law, and company law.

His in-depth knowledge of his clients’ economic environment enables him to offer them pragmatic solutions that can be quickly implemented.

He intervenes in particular, and regularly, on the occasion of sales, acquisitions or mergers of companies, in small cap and mid cap transactions, and negotiations of various and varied commercial contracts.

He has also developed proven expertise in Energy, Networks and Telecommunications, through in-depth knowledge of the legal, regulatory and jurisprudential environment, resulting from daily practice of this legal environment with major operators. the energy and telecommunications sectors, both with regard to oil networks and electronic communications networks.

He also works for leading real estate companies, both to respond to contractual issues and to litigation cases.


  • Born July 30, 1966
  • Date of swearing in: March 24, 1993

In compliance with the standard, he brings all the relevance of his analyzes to the areas to which he is dedicated:

In real estate, he supports his clients on all issues related to construction law. In the area of ​​commercial leases, he often works in conjunction with property managers.

He also works in business and contract law.

He is in charge of the commercial and mass debt collection department, the latter constituting a strong and original department of the firm. He has acquired a skill that is difficult to match due to the multitude and diversity of cases handled, which require relevant, diligent and effective choices.

Perfectly mastering the procedure, he deals with delicate civil matters: insurance (bodily injury, civil liability) and property issues in matters of inheritance or divorce.


  • Born August 13, 1963
  • Date sworn in: February 7, 1992

The collaborators

Guillaume ABOU

Florence ARÇON

Edouard BALSAN


Charlotte BURLOT

Christian DIAZ

Benjamin DONAZ




Amandine SOARES





Stéphane GROSSET

Mercedes RIVERA



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